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Measuring Your Research Impact: Citation and Altmetrics Tools

Overview of tools that can help you learn how your work is being received, used, and disseminated across scholarly platforms and social media networks.

Where Might Citing Articles Appear?

If you're looking to see who's cited your work, you need to consider the disciplines that might find your work useful. Your work is likely useful in your own discipline, but if your work might be useful to scholars in other disciplines, try the tools they might use for research. For example, if your research is primarily in Biology, but has implications in the Psychology field, you may also want to search PsycINFO in addition to Scopus.

Keep in mind that no one tool provides one-stop shopping. It's likely you'll need to explore multiple platforms.

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Other Databases/Tools with "Cited By" Information

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This guide was created by Andrée Rathemacher, Julia Lovett, and Amanda Izenstark, 3/2014.

Updated 2/2014, 4/2015, and 1/2018.


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