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Measuring Your Research Impact: Citation and Altmetrics Tools

Overview of tools that can help you learn how your work is being received, used, and disseminated across scholarly platforms and social media networks.

About this guide...

This guide was created by Andrée Rathemacher, Julia Lovett, and Amanda Izenstark, 3/2014.

Updated 2/2014, 4/2015, and 1/2018.


Altmetrics Tools for Researchers

Altmetrics tools for individual researchers can help you: 

  • Compile citations, share and promote all forms of your scholarly output (writing, datasets, presentations, etc.) 
  • Bring together usage statistics from online sources such as citations managers, news outlets, digital repositories, and social media sites 

Try these two easy-to-use tools: 

  • ORCID (free)
    • Creates a unique, persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from other authors
    • Imports your citations from other online repositories into a researcher profile
    • Provides information to altmetrics tools like ImpactStory
  • ImpactStory (free)
    • Creates a researcher profile based on ORCID ID and Scopus data
    • For each citation, shows altmetrics statistics from social media 


Altmetrics Tools for Institutions

Institutions can choose to embed altmetrics in theri institutional repositories or researcher profiles. Two commonly used services are and Plum Analytics. Both of these tools index a wide range of altmetrics. 

URI faculty with scholarly articles in DigitalCommons@URI can now view altmetrics statistics, including saved citations (e.g. Mendeley), blog mentions, social media shares, and more. 

From most faculty publications in the repository, click on either the "Altmetric" button for statistics, or the purple button directly below it for a Plum Analytics summary. See the following article as an example:

Cottrell, Elizabeth and Katherine A. Kelley. Redox heterogeneity in MORB as a function of mantle source.

And, view a summary of URI's overall statistics from Plum Analytics: 



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.