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SPA 325: Introduction to Literary Genres

Getting Started

Databases provide a way to search for articles on a number of topics. When searching in a database, you'll want to use key terms or phrases to find articles like when you search for books in a catalog.

You can search for a title of a work to find out more information about a specific piece of literature or you can search for an author to find out information about the author's works or to find items written by that person.

When searching, you can use a number of terms and combinations of those terms such as:

Garcia Lorca AND La Casa de Bernarda Alba


Garcia Lorca AND women AND drama


These are some of the databases that will be most helpful to you in finding articles.

Logical (Boolean) Operators

Using logical (Boolean) operators such as "AND", "OR", and "NOT" can help narrow down your search and identify the most relevant articles.

Use "AND" to retrieve articles on both keywords. Use "OR" to retrieve articles on either one of the terms or both. Use "NOT" to exclude the information that you do not need.  

Limiting by publication year, type of article, document type, or physical description can also help you find relevant articles.

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