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Search Savvy Seminars

Join us for the University Libraries' series of hour-long workshops that cover tips and tricks for researching more efficiently!

Spring 2019 Search Savvy Seminars

Welcome to our Spring 2019 Search Savvy Seminar series! 

Sessions are 50 minutes long and open to all URI students, faculty, and staff. Sessions meet in the Robert L. Carothers Library, room 142, unless otherwise specified.

If you have questions, topic suggestions, or would like to request a session for your course, please contact Amanda Izenstark at You can also use this form to request a session.



  • Getting Started @ the Libraries
    Friday, January 25 @ 1pm
    Tuesday, January 29 @ 3pm

    Are you a new student, staff, or faculty member? Would you like to learn more about the services and tools the University Libraries offer? In this short session, we’ll cover what the library can do for you, tips for efficient searching, how to get items the Libraries don’t have, and where to get help.
    Presented by:
    Amanda Izenstark, Professor, Reference & Instructional Design Librarian, University Libraries



  • Reuse, Remix, and Create with the Creative Commons
    Friday, February 22 @ 1pm
    Tuesday, March 5 @ 3pm

    ​What are Creative Commons licenses and how do they work? What is the difference between something that is free online and something that is truly "open"? Did you know that it is often a Creative Commons license that puts the "open" in Open Access scholarship and Open Educational Resources? Whether you are an author or creator who wants to share your work more openly than the default “all rights reserved” of copyright or you are someone who wants to reuse content created by others (or both!), attend this Search Savvy Seminar. You will learn about the six Creative Commons licenses, how to apply a CC license to your own work, how to search for openly-licensed works online, and how to reuse, remix, and properly attribute CC-licensed works created by others.
    Presented by Andrée Rathemacher, Professor, Head of Acquisitions, University Libraries



  • Manage Research and Citations with RefWorks
    Monday, March 18 @ 1pm
    Tuesday, March 19 @
    The RefWorks reference manager helps you efficiently collect research, manage and share citations, and build bibliographies. The Microsoft Word and Google Docs plugins allow you to sync your citations and seamlessly insert them into your work. (If you’d like assistance in installing the Word plug-in, please bring a laptop with you to this session.)
    Presented by Amanda Izenstark, Professor, Reference & Instructional Design Librarian, University Libraries



  • Search Strategies for Scopus and CINAHL
    Tuesday, April 2 @ 3pm

    Are you looking to improve your search strategies ahead of the end-of-semester research projects? Are you a life sciences student having trouble finding the information you need? This Search Savvy Seminar will focus specifically on the databases Scopus and CINAHL, including how to develop a search strategy using keywords and how to make use of the tools that these databases offer.
    Presented by Kimberly MacKenzie, PhD (Neuroscience), MLIS Candidate, and Reference Assistant at the Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons

  • Researching after Graduation: Finding Quality Information After URI​
    Tuesday, April 16 @ 3pm
    Friday, April 19 @ 1pm

    When you graduate or leave URI, you no longer have access to library databases. How can you locate information without experiencing barriers and paywalls? This session will cover a variety of tools to help you find information to help you as you move forward in life and in your career.
    Presented by Amanda Izenstark, Professor, Reference & Instructional Design Librarian, University Libraries

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