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Self-Guided Tour of the Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons

Learn how to navigate the Carothers Library at URI and find the services you need.

Self-Guided Tour of Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons

Welcome to the Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons!

This guide will lead you on a tour of the Library. When you have completed it, you will have a good idea of the layout of the building, and you will have learned about some of the services and materials available in the Library.

Introductory Information

Introductory information:

  • There are two elevators in the building, one across from the Circulation Desk and the other in the Reference Stacks.
  • Restrooms and copy machines are located on each floor. The floor plans near the central stairs will show the exact locations.
  • Individual research/study carrels and group study carrels are located on the Second and Third Floors. Information about them can be found in the Individual Research/Study Carrel policy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.