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Self-Guided Tour of the Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons

Learn how to navigate the Carothers Library at URI and find the services you need.

14. Lower Level: Microforms

Now return to the central staircase and go down the stairs to the Lower Level. Across from the stairs is the start of the Microform Area. Newspapers, ERIC documents, and the back issues of certain periodicals are available on microfiche or microfilm. Reader/printers are also available. Assistance with microform is available from the Circulation Desk during most hours the Library is open.


Zaidee Everett 2/23/2023

15. Lower Level: Academic Enhancement Center

To your left, past the serials stacks, is the Academic Enhancement Center. Here's where you can meet tutors for STEM tutoring.


Zaidee Everett 2/23/2023

16. Lower Level: IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is to the right as you exit the stairs. The IT Service Desk can assist you with common technology problems, including lost passwords, technical issues, and so on. Most of the rest of the floor contains the Bound Serials, older issues or periodicals which have been bound together in volumes for preservation. They are shelved in call number order.


Zaidee Everett 3/9/2023

17. Lower Level: LL12 and LL11B

Lower Level: To the right of the Help Desk you will find signage leading to LL12 and LL11B, the latter is also known as the RE:Space. LL12 is scheduled for Library Instruction classes, but the RE:Space can also be scheduled for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classes by URI course instructors or professional staff for classes where students will benefit from close proximity and access to library materials and resources.


Classroom LL11B:

LL11B classroom with tables and chairs

Zaidee Everett 3/28/2023

Classroom LL12:
LL12 classroom with computers

Zaidee Everett 3/28/2023

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