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Self-Guided Tour of the Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons

Learn how to navigate the Carothers Library at URI and find the services you need.

22. Third Floor & Galanti Lounge

Go back to the central staircase and go up to the Third Floor. This is where books with the call numbers beginning  A through P are shelved. If you were to turn left you will see the Galanti Lounge, a meeting room frequently used for various campus functions. There is a Walk Through Time picture history of the University circling this floor.

Galanti Lounge:

Zaidee Everett 3/23/2023

Walk Through Time:

Zaidee Everett 3/2/2023

23. Quiet Study Zone

The Third Floor is also the Quiet Study Zone, providing a number of areas for quiet study.


Quiet study desks facing large windows

Zaidee Everett 2/28/2023

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