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Geoscience : Geological Oceanography @ The Pell Library

Geoscience is the term used for the study of the science of the earth. Geoscience can cover a wide range of geological research concerning natural hazards, climatology, mineralogy, soil science, geological oceanography, glaciology, and more.

Reference Sources At The Pell Library

The Pell Library is located on the University’s Narragansett Bay Campus. The collection at this library supports various courses in marine studies and it is also home to the Graduate School of Oceanography. The library collects materials geared to the instructional and research programs of the campus such as oceanography, marine biology, fisheries, atmospheric chemistry, and coastal and estuarine habitats. Since geological oceanography is considered to be another branch of the geosciences, it is important for students interested in this field to know of some of the  sources available to them at the Pell Library.

Pell Library main page

A helpful map of the Narragansett Bay Campus

Oceanography Reference Sources

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