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International Business

Where are the books?

Books with call numbers A through P are located on the third floor.
Books with call numbers Q through Z are located on the second floor.


The catalog will tell you if a book is in Reference (location = Carothers Library Reference, status = Non Circulating). The Reference Collection is on the first floor.

A book can also be in Government Publications (location = Carothers Library Govt Pub). The Government Publications section is on the first floor and consists of publications produced by both the federal government and the state of Rhode Island.

Some books are located in Distinctive Collections (location = Carothers Library RI Collection or Carothers Library Archives). The Distinctive Collections unit is on the second floor.

Where are the Business Books?

Most books about business are located on the third floor in the H section (as well as in the Government Publications section).

HB - Economic Theory 
HC - Economic History
HD - Management, Industry, Labor
HE - Transportation, Communications
HF - Commerce, Business Ethics, Accounting, Advertising
HG - Finance, Banking, Investment, Insurance
HJ - Public Finance, Taxation

International Companies: Basic Information

Interntional Companies: Financial Statements

The web sites of individual companies also frequently provide company financial statements.  Search company names in Google or another Internet search engine to locate this information.  

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