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International Business

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These are the latest publications from faculty members in this department.

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Welcome!  This guide is designed to help you locate information about international business.  Use the yellow page tabs above to explore various reference, book, journal, newspaper, and internet sources.

To locate books on international business, conduct a search in the catalog for the following SUBJECTS:


These subject headings can also be combined with keywords related to your topic.  

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact a librarian. 

URI Libraries Search

URI Libraries Search

Find books, articles, and more! Enter your search terms and click Search


For more search options, use the Advanced Search

Where are the journals?

Most journals are available through the library in electronic format. To find or to gain access to an electronic journal, search the e-Journal List for the title of the periodical you are looking for.

You can find online journals as well as print journals by searching the URI Libraries Search for the title of the specific periodical. To make this easier, you can use the limiters on the left side of the screen to specify you are looking for journals or you can use the "Advanced Search" version to look specifically for journals as well.

The print journals start their lives in the Current Periodicals section on the lower level of the library (at the base of the stairs). That is where you will find journals that have been published recently, usually less than a year old.

After about a year, the journals are sent out to be bound into something resembling large books. When they return, the bound journals are sent to an area called The Serial Stacks. Here they will live out the rest of their lives. Please visit them!

For more on this and how to track down an article from a citation see:

To find articles by topic, use a reference database that allows keyword searching. Start with this link: 

Where can I find the Business databases?

To find Business articles by topic, use a reference database that allows keyword searching. Start with this link:

Where are the books?

Books with call numbers A through P are located on the third floor.
Books with call numbers Q through Z are located on the second floor.


The catalog will tell you if a book is in Reference (location = Carothers Library Reference, status = Non Circulating). The Reference Collection is on the first floor.

A book can also be in Government Publications (location = Carothers Library Govt Pub). The Government Publications section is on the first floor and consists of publications produced by both the federal government and the state of Rhode Island.

Some books are located in Distinctive Collections (location = Carothers Library RI Collection or Carothers Library Archives). The Distinctive Collections unit is on the second floor.

Where are the Business Books?

Most books about business are located on the third floor in the H section (as well as in the Government Publications section).

HB - Economic Theory 
HC - Economic History
HD - Management, Industry, Labor
HE - Transportation, Communications
HF - Commerce, Business Ethics, Accounting, Advertising
HG - Finance, Banking, Investment, Insurance
HJ - Public Finance, Taxation

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Guide created by Andrée Rathemacher • 5/2000, rev. 7/01, 2/02, 5/04; revised by Hailie Posey 4/11.
Updated by Mark Matook 3/2018

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.