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Mathematics Resources


Welcome! This is a guide to selected sources of information about mathematics. On this page are some quick links to helpful databases for research, a link to WolframAlpha, and resources for Calculus. To locate books on math concepts, conduct a Subject search in the library catalog for the particular subset of mathematics you are researching; for instance, type in "calculus" and change the drop down menu to Subject Keyword Search to find calculus materials. Similar searches in reference databases such as MathSciNet and Scopus will locate articles.

If you prefer to browse, the majority of pure mathematics books are in the QA section of the library on the 2nd floor; for handbooks and formulae, the QA section of the Reference books on the first floor is the place to look.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a computational engine that is very useful for solving mathematical equations, converting between units of measure, and other mathematical operations.

Calculus Resources

Proof Writing Resources

Resources to get you started on proof writing.

LaTeX Resources

LaTeX is a document editor that can help you get your math homework and math papers organized.

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