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Environment Science and Management Resources

This is a guide for the students in the MESM program

Using the Internet

While searching the internet, especially doing a Google search seems to be the easiest and most natural thing to do, in reality doing effective internet searching on a scholarly level requires a thorough knowledge of both searching techniques and of your field.  The following sources may help you do a more effective search and get more out of the internet.

Deep Web: What It Is

The "deep web" is all the pages and sites untouched by the more familiar "surface web".  Examples of deep web material include directories, virtual libraries search engine results, text of datasets, web pages listed below the top ranked pages, and material in digital repsitories.  Much scientific research resides in the deep web.

For more information on the deep web, please see the link below.

Deep Web Resources

The sources listed below are able to do deep web searches.

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