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Environment Science and Management Resources

This is a guide for the students in the MESM program

URI Libraries Search

To find books on your topic, use the URI Libraries Search.  The URI Libraries Search contains the holdings of all URI campuses.

Listed below are some basic research techniques to use for finding material.

You might want to start out by searching by keyword.  The word "and" in between your key words signify that you want only books with those both of those terms in combination.

A good research technique is if you find a book that really fits the bill for your topic, click on the title which will bring up the full record.  Near the bottom of the record is an entry "LC Subject".  These are the subject headings that the book has been classified under.  You can click on these headings and it will bring you to other books which have been classified with the same headings.

Another technique to find books is when you're searching the URI Libraries Search, you may find that many of the books begin with the same call number.  Since the call number system that we use (the Library of Congress System) is organized by subjects, once you find that call number on the shelves, look around for other books beginning with the same call number and they will be dealing with the same subject.

Government publications are also in the Libraries Search.  Most are now published in electronic format. If you find a government publication that's of interest, click on the title and bring up the full record.  In the middle of the record, there will be a box with a "view online" link in it.  Click on the link and it will bring you to the publication.


WorldCat is a database of all the holdings of all the academic and major public libraries in the U.S. Also includes many major libraries in Europe, Mexico and the Commonwealth Nations. Each entry includes the full cataloging record of the publication as well as which library owns it.

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