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Environment Science and Management Resources

This is a guide for the students in the MESM program

Understanding and Using Citation Analysis

Citation analysis is a central part of an advanced literature search.  Once you have identified a publication of interest, you should find out who did the author(s) cite for their work and also who is citing this work in turn.  From there you may want to find out who they cited and who is citing these works as well.  This is an excellent way to determine who are the primary researchers in your area of interest and what are they working on.  Fortunately there is a source, Scopus (see below), that will execute this work for you.

Note: While you can search this database by subject, the best way to use it for citation analysis is to do an author search.  The best approach is to find your sources using the resources described in the rest of this guide and then once you have your authors, search under their names in this database.

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