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Instruction Services & Information Literacy

This guide provides an overview of the wide range of instructional programs and services the University Libraries offer.

Scheduling a Session for Off-Campus Groups

University of Rhode Island, University Libraries, Public Services Department

Library Instruction for Off-Campus Groups

Outside groups such as middle school, high school, and community groups are welcome to schedule library instruction at the Carothers Library during the following time frames:

·         November and December for the fall semester

·         Intersession periods and spring break

·         April and May for the spring semester

For all outside groups

To plan a library instruction session for your group:

1. Two to three weeks prior to your desired visit contact the appropriate librarian.
For WRT library instruction contact Professor Alicia Vaandering.
For all other library instruction, contact the Head of Instructional Services, Professor Mary MacDonald

2. There are two library instruction labs and each can accommodate up to 30 students. Availability of the library labs varies depending on our other instruction commitments.

3.  There is no drive up access or parking at the library. Limited handicapped parking is available near the library building.

4. Groups of twenty (20) or more who may arrive via bus may contact URI Parking Services 874-9281 to request a parking pass. Buses may park in the Fine Arts Parking Lot. Consult the Campus Parking Map found at the Parking Services web site.

5. Groups who use individual vehicles to travel to URI will need to stop at the Visitors Center on Upper College Rd to get a Visitor Parking Permit and to get directions to visitor parking. 

6. Please be realistic in planning your arrival time considering for travel, signing in at the Visitors Center, parking, and walking to the library.  If groups are delayed in arriving to the library it may require rescheduling the instruction session depending on staff schedules and library lab availability.


For WRT High School Instruction, classes will follow the standard WRT learning goals and outcomes:


·         Students will learn how to retrieve citations from credible articles published in journals and magazines.

·         Students will learn how to access those articles from URI Library.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will create a concept map in order to focus their research.
  • Students will use the concept map to write a research question and identify its main concepts in order to formulate a search strategy.
  • Students will use their search strategy in a general reference database in order to identify citations to appropriate articles that will help answer their research question.
  • Students will use the database tools in order to access the full text for the citations they find.
  • Students will evaluate their results in order to determine their credibility, authority, currency, accuracy, and bias.

High school WRT students must complete the WRT pre-activity and must have defined topics before they come to us for library instruction.

High school instructors must provide the URI librarian with a copy of the assignment and the list of student topics one week prior to the groups’ arrival.

URI Libraries will provide access to the URI Libraries’ article databases via the Coordinator for Early Credit High School Program. This access does not include any other URI University Libraries privileges and will expire January 31 for the Fall term and June 30 for the Spring term.

Approved Spring 2012, URI University Libraries, Public Services Department


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.