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Instruction Services & Information Literacy

This guide provides an overview of the wide range of instructional programs and services the University Libraries offer.

Credit Courses

LIB 150 Search Strategies for the Information Age 
Introduction to the exploration and practice of information literacy and library research concepts and skills, with an emphasis on the communication of information in today’s world. (Lec. 3) (B4) (B2). Previous General Education Knowledge Area: English Communication and Letters

LIB 250 Information Research Across the Disciplines
Explore and practice finding, evaluating, and using information in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and formal sciences. Examine information production, resources, roles and uses.
(Lec. 3) (B4). Previous General Education Knowledge Area: English Communication

LIB 350 Current Issues of the Information Age
Critical current issues concerning the use of information are examined and explored through the use of the research process. Students will collaborate to create projects detailing research in areas of global concern. Emphasis will be placed on the interdisciplinary nature of information and on the use of research techniques as a foundation for informed citizenship. 3 credits.  Pre: Sophomore standing or consent of instructor. (Lec. 3) (B4) (C1)
 Previous General Education Knowledge Area: English Communication and Letters

Instruction Programs

URI 101
Information Literacy Instruction for students of URI 101: Traditions and Transformations.
Due to staffing changes, our participation in URI 101 was discontinued in 2015. 


WRT 104/106
University Library faculty provide library instruction for all sections of the first-year Writing courses offered by the URI Department of Writing and Rhetoric.


Talent Development
Each year the Library Public Services faculty provide information literacy instruction for approximately 400 pre-matriculating students who participate in the Talent Development Summer Program.


EGR 105
EGR 105: Foundations of Engineering I contains a full-week library component.

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