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Instruction Services & Information Literacy

This guide provides an overview of the wide range of instructional programs and services the University Libraries offer.

WRT 104/106

Department of Writing and Rhetoric / WRT 104/106

University Library faculty provide library instruction for all sections of the first-year Writing courses offered by the URI Department of Writing and Rhetoric. Each semester approximately sixty sections visit the library where students learn to retrieve citations to periodical articles from a reference database and to access the text of those articles to support a research assignment. They learn not only the mechanics of using a database, but also search strategies and evaluation of the sources they find. In additions, several classes enrolled in the Early Credit High School Program in Composition come to the library each semester for the same instruction.


  • Students will learn how to retrieve citations to credible articles published in journals and magazines, and identify them as scholarly or non-scholarly.
  • Students will learn how to access those articles through URI Libraries.


  • Students will formulate a search strategy by using a concept map to write a research question and identify its main concepts.
  • Students will identify citations to appropriate articles using their search strategy in a general reference database.
  • Students will retrieve the full text of the articles using library resources.
  • Students will evaluate their articles by determining their credibility based on authority, currency, accuracy, relevance, and bias.

For more information regarding the Library's instruction sessions for the Department of Writing & Rhetoric, please contact Jim Kinnie at (401) 874-9240 or


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