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The Changing Face/Space of the Library: eBooks, Makerspaces, and More : Marketing and Managing Expectations

Companion site to the April 29, 2014 OLIS Multi-Type Reference Advisory Group & Resource Sharing Group Joint Program.

Marketing and Managing Expectations

Melissa Chiavaroli, facilitator

(Reference Services Coordinator, Cumberland Public Library)

Roundtable 1

Most of the participants cited problems with marketing and offered the following suggestions:

            Instead of calling it a Library Card, change the name to an Access Pass, incorporating all the services and features that patrons can "access."

            Library cards off-site (e-cards) to use for Overdrive only.

            Library Fines impede Marketing.  Do away with fines, or do Food for Fines, or other community service exchange.

Marketing on-line resources is difficult.

Suggestion:  “great marketing videos” (YouTube).

          Do both Print and On-line PR.

-        Leave take-away paper flyers on the Circ. Desk or high traffic area.

-        Put flyers in the “On Hold” books.

-        Use different colored paper.

-        Photographs are important

-        Use strong eye appeal

-        Have a hook, ie. Peeps on the PC Facebook page

-        Make it Fun.

-        Add personality

-        “Mascot” possibly

-        Use Stand-up banners

            Use Facebook, Twitter, local newspapers, website, mass e-mails.

            Involve staff with marketing.

            Most vendors will give you promotional materials.

            Send quarterly reports to your town/city council members and governing bodies.

            Partner with other people in your community.

            [a handout was distributed : ]


Additional ideas from facilitator's live summary:

Use marketing/PR to change perception of the library -- books and a whole lot more; video games; makerspaces; streaming; and the ever-popular Peeps!

  Ex.:          Providence Community Library - diorama project

Link online offerings and in-library programs: if patrons only find stuff online, they may never come to your programs or experience what they can get at your facility

Let outside organizations be our voice too --

            "Have you seen/heard this is @ the library?"


Put annual reports online (see Indianapolis Public Library Annual Report videos)

            Opportunity to let the public see things that happened which they didn't attend; gives wider view

            YouTube - things can go viral

One successful marketing campaign will lead to others.

[notes – Dorothy Swain (Assistant Director, Greenville Public Library); editor - Tish Brennan (Head of Reference, James P. Adams Library)]

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