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The Changing Face/Space of the Library: eBooks, Makerspaces, and More : Staff Training / Staff Buy In

Companion site to the April 29, 2014 OLIS Multi-Type Reference Advisory Group & Resource Sharing Group Joint Program.

Staff Training / Staff Buy-in

Brian Gallagher, facilitator

(Head, Access Services, University of Rhode Island Libraries)


Changing Face/Space

Roundtable 2 – Staff Training / Staff Buy-in   


Session 1: B.Gallagher – examples of staff communication / information dissemination:


Support ticket/ trouble ticket systems for issues / complaints  -- – can be referred to Reference or Access Services for action & follow-up.

 Some open source examples are :

     Dropbox - cloud-based storage and document sharing

     eTicket - client-based software that can receive "customer support tickets" via email or web-forms

     ZenDesk - cloud-based customer service and support

     SimpleTicket - downloadable troublet ticket software

     osTicket - cloud-based software that cen receive "customer support tickets" via phone, email, or web-forms

     TroubleTicketExpress - web (but not cloud) based help desk support via email

     iTracker - client-based "issue tracking system"

     RT: Request Tracker - cloud-based system with client software for tracking customer support requests

How to find ways to communicate:

                Shared drive - accessible from all staff computers

                Email – effective use

Difficulty of getting all staff together for F2F meetings:

                Google Docs to share notes, etc.

                Snag-It to film meetings, also make recordings for student staff training (captions are possible)

Training – who does it?

                -when to do it?

                -how to do it?


                Use of “scavenger hunt” activity to familiarize staff; hands-on; working with partners

                Getting knowledgeable people to help, especially with technology

                                Different staff have different comfort levels

Notes: Lisa Maine, Document Delivery Supervisor, James P. Adams Library

Editor:  Tish Brennan, Head of Reference, James P. Adams Library

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