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FAQs for Undergrads, Grad Students, and Faculty


Welcome! This page lists many of the questions faculty and instructors ask us frequently, and provides links to more information. If you have a question that isn't addressed below, please contact us!

For Teaching

How can I help my students become better researchers in the Library and online?

Where can I send my students for help?

How can I assess my students' information literacy competency?

How can I help students avoid plagiarism?

How do I put materials on Reserve for my course(s)?

What do I need to know about copyright for materials I use in my classes?

For Researching

How can I see what books I have checked out or on hold? Can I renew online?

Can I suggest that the Libraries buy a book or video for the collection?

Does the Library maintain a digital repository?

How can I learn about the work of my colleagues, and share mine as well?

What article databases are available at URI?

Do you offer workshops or sessions on citation managers, databases, or other library resources?

Can I get a card that will let me check out books from other Rhode Island research libraries?

For Your Department

I'm proposing a course. Where do I get the Library Impact Statements?

Which librarian is my subject selector / liaison?

Special Note: Books for New Faculty

The Libraries encourage all faculty to submit regular requests for books (and videos) to enhance our collections. Annual funds are allocated to each department for the purchase of monographs, and each department has a subject selector / library liaison from the library faculty assigned to assist in the selection and purchase of desired materials.

An additional $500 is available to each new faculty member in their first year for the selection of materials to support their research and teaching. Requests may be submitted by email to the Library Subject Selector for your department. (See for a list of selectors.)

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