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Circulation & Borrowing

Information about Circulation, Borrowing, and Library Access.


Some of the Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons’s older or less frequently used materials are being stored in order to alleviate crowding in our open stacks.

If you notice “Storage” as a location code in the catalog, or if you cannot find an item on the shelves, please go to the Circulation Desk. Once you fill out a form for the materials you wish to obtain from storage, our staff will retrieve the items for you, as quickly as possible but at the latest within two hours of your request.

The categories of materials now in storage are:

  • Older journals for which we no longer maintain subscriptions.
  • Past years of some scientific journals, or older “Dewey Decimal Classification” items.
  • Past years of some government publications.
  • Readex microcard collection of 18th-, 19th, and early 20th century materials.
  • Print indexes which have been replaced by online indexes.

Circulation Hours & Contact

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