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Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Looking for information on livestock or topics such as animal health and nutrition? If so, this is your guide!

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Animal science is a field covering many aspects of the care and production of livestock species,  most commonly cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, and horses. Companion animals, exotic species, and those used in laboratory settings are also increasingly the subject of studies within the animal science realm.

This guide will cover some books, journals, and websites you may want to utilize as you begin your studies.

Recommended Databases

Some recommended places to search for scholarly articles on animal science and related topics.

Animal Science

Use the catalog to search for books.
Try a keyword search. What words best describe the topic you are interested in? If you want to know more about the nutrient needs of dairy cows, try searching for cattle AND nutrition.

You could also conduct a Subject Term search. Some suggestions include: LIVESTOCK, ANIMAL FEEDING, VETERINARY MEDICINE, etc. Once you find a book that you like, be sure to check the Subject Terms listed towards the bottom of the book record-- these may give you some other ideas.

If it’s scholarly articles you are searching for, the best place to search is in an online database (see the appropriate tab for suggestions).Through these, you can access the articles contained in many scholarly and peer-reviewed journals.

If you run into any difficulties, do not hesitate to ask a reference librarian!

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